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VMW Unit

I. Introduction

Malaria is a major public health problem in Cambodia and a leading cause of mortality and morbidity. With the different modes of transmission from the African countries, the malaria transmission happened in Cambodia in the remote forest areas with little development or nothing and in very poor areas that created complexity in controlling that disease as well as problem of providing and receiving the service delivery from the public health sector. In order to address to the severity of malaria problem that has been spread in the aforesaid areas, especially to shrink the uncomplicated malaria and hinder the development from simple to severe malaria and caused more deaths, National Malaria Center and European Commission has piloted VMW project by providing the Early Diagnosis And Treatment (EDAT) through the village malaria workers in 36 villages in Rattanakiri province from June 2001. After obtaining good results from the project, the similar one was conducted in 10 villages of Thmar Bang district in Koh Kong province. With the great success from the aforesaid project, a decision has been made to incorporate the strategy into the national plan and expand activities up to 300 hyperendemic villages through the Global Fund Round 2 in 2002.

II. VMW Project’s activities

2.1 VMW training

a). TOT course to VMW 2006

Province HC Number of Villages Number of Trainees Pre-test Post-test Percentage of improvement
Total Female Male
Kratie Thmey 9 22 7 15 82% 91% 9%
Mondulkiri Semonorom 7 15 4 11 63% 93% 30%
Ratanakiri O.Chum 19 41 12 29 52% 68% 14%
StungTreng Srekrasin 5 14 03 11 75% 95% 20%
(ABOVE) 40
(ABOVE) 92
(ABOVE) 26
(ABOVE) 66
68% 87% 19%
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